Responsible action on

Climate change

There is no doubt about the science linking higher emissions with global warming, and we must take action now for us to reverse this trend.


Australia is making great strides in transitioning to higher renewables, and I will work to support and smooth this transition, including through energy storage and transmission projects. Beyond electricity generation, however, we need to look at other sectors to lower our carbon footprint, including transportation, industrial processes, soil carbon and agriculture, and building efficiency.

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Australia to be a renewable energy superpower

There is genuine potential for Australia to be a renewable energy superpower, and a world-leader in areas such as hydrogen, low-emissions steel production and green aluminium.


I have fought for and secured greater funding for bodies that are playing an important role in this transition, including the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

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BY 2050

I support Australia meeting our Paris emissions reduction targets, and beyond this I would like to see Australia commit to net-zero emissions by 2050, in concert with the world’s major emitters. The fact that the United States is now likely to rejoin the Paris Agreement, and China has now committed to net-zero by 2060, gives us an opportunity. Only by working collectively, as a globe, can we truly address this challenge.