Congratulatory Messages

Request a Congratulatory Message

Australians celebrating a special birthday or wedding anniversary can receive personal congratulations from Dave, the Prime Minister, Governor-General, or Queen.

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Anniversary Messages

Government House

Our office can arrange for the Prime Minister to send a message of congratulations to people turning 90 years of age or more, and for the Governor-General and Queen to send a 100th birthday message.

Our office is also able to assist with messages for couples celebrating 50 years of marriage from the Prime Minister and the Governor-General.

For couples celebrating 60 years of marriage, our office can arrange for a congratulatory message from the Queen.

To request a congratulatory message, please provide the following details in writing:

  • Recipient(s) full name
  • Recipient(s) residential address
  • Occasion (e.g. 50th Wedding Anniversary, 100th Birthday)
  • Date of occasion
  • Date for message to be received by
  • Postal address
  • Name and contact details of nominator (if you are not the nominee)
  • Contact number

You can make arrangements for anniversary messages up to two months before the celebration.

You can request a belated message up to one month after the birthday or wedding anniversary has passed.

Anniversary messages can be delivered directly to the recipient or to a care-of address for surprises.

Please contact us on 02 9327 3988 or email