Congratulatory Messages

Anniversaries are a very special time in our lives and should be celebrated. The State and Federal Governments in Australia have an arrangement to properly recognise certain anniversaries by way of messages from elected leaders and officials.

If you have an anniversary or birthday milestone coming up please provide the following details in writing:

  • Recipient(s) full name
  • Recipient(s) residential address
  • Occasion (e.g. 50th Wedding Anniversary, 100th Birthday)
  • Date of occasion
  • Date for message to be received by
  • Postal address
  • Name and contact details of nominator (if you are not the nominee)
  • Contact number

You can make arrangements for anniversary messages up to two months before the celebration.

You can request a belated message up to one month after the birthday or wedding anniversary has passed.

Anniversary messages can be delivered directly to the recipient or to a care-of address for surprises.