June 2021

Greater Sydney Parklands Trust

In the Eastern Suburbs we are so fortunate to have some of the best parks and parklands in Sydney.


Together Centennial Park, Queens Park and Moore Park cover some 360 hectares and provide open spaces accessible to us all, on equal terms: to exercise, walk the dog, share a picnic, do boot camp, kick a football, or just lie back in the sun with a book.


We have a responsibility to ensure that this community asset is preserved, protected and well-managed for the future.


The NSW Government is currently seeking feedback on its White Paper, Parklands for People, and its proposal to create a Greater Sydney Parklands Trust. This trust would improve management of the parks, allow for long-term planning and investment, whilst preserving the existing trusts and ensuring local community consultation is improved.


I’ve discussed the White Paper with the relevant NSW Minister, Rob Stokes, and he is keen to hear my feedback on the ideas and thoughts contained in the White Paper.


So I’m keen to hear from you!


What do you love most about Centennial Park, Queens Park and Moore Park? Are they currently well managed, in your opinion? What could be improved? How do we ensure these assets are better managed for future generations?


Let me know your thoughts and I’ll make sure I represent them.


Send me your ideas, along with your details, to dave.sharma.mp@aph.gov.au


I look forward to hearing from you,