May 6, 2022

Dave Sharma to Double the Number of Public EV Chargers in Wentworth

A reelected Liberal Government will more than double the number of electric vehicle chargers in Wentworth.

Member for Wentworth, Dave Sharma, said that one of the most significant barriers preventing people in Wentworth from buying electric vehicles is the lack of publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations.

"Higher electric vehicle uptake is critical to our pathway to a lower emissions future," said Mr Sharma.

"Two-thirds of Wentworth residents live in houses or homes without off-street parking. They need more access to public electric vehicle chargers."

"More public charging facilities will encourage residents of Wentworth to buy electric vehicles, as they will have the reassurance that they can easily recharge," said Mr Sharma.

"If reelected the government will invest in the critical electric charging infrastructure that will make charging and owning an electric vehicle far easier for those in the community that want to."

Mr Sharma added, "Only a strong local member, working with an effective government team, can deliver such critical upgrades for our community infrastructure."