February 2021

Boosting Female Founders Grant

I rise to acknowledge and congratulate three innovative and accomplishedwomen in the Wentworth Community who were successful in securing a BoostingFemale Founders grant. I recently met with the grant recipients, Zara Lord,Catherine Hull and Kylie Legge to hear about their start-up business journeys,and how receiving this grant had assisted the women to expand their businesses withinAustralia and globally.  


Zara Lord, the Founder and CEO of UpagedPty Ltd, was a registered nurse who saw a gap in the market and created aplatform where casual nurses could directly connect with employers to showcase theirskills.  Upaged focused on having adisruptive impact on the healthcare industry, cutting out the middlemanplacement agencies and giving nurses more autonomy over their workplacechoices.  On being awarded a BoostingFemale Founders grant of $398,155, Zara was able to accelerate the growth ofher start-up business to a wider Australian healthcare market as well asundertake global expansion. The Upaged business model uses technology toadvance employment practices - increasing employee wages and choices, andlowering employer costs for healthcare organisations. With the assistance ofthe grant the expansion of such an innovative and transformational business hasbeen particularly timely given the changes and challenges that the healthindustry faced in the last year.  Welldone to Zara and the Upaged team.


I also met with Kylie Legge, the CEO ofPlace Score Pty Ltd a company which collects human-centric data to guidedecisions in planning within cities and towns. A $186,336 Boosting Female Founders grantassisted Kylie’s business to create a nationally-consistent, online platformfor measuring and tracking liveability in urban environments from a communityperspective. The idea being that different levels of government and the privatesector could use these insights to understand community values and therefore bebetter informed when making investment and planning decisions.  


The third impressive Wentworth FemaleFounder recipient is Catherine Hull CEO of Freight Exchange.  Cate developed a digital marketplace forfreight, connecting carriers with shippers and enabling the efficientmanagement of freight in one place.  Catewas keen to expand the reach of Freight Exchange, and a $400,000 Boosting FemaleFounders grant enabled the business to launch their multi-modal and automatedlogistics platform in Hong Kong.


Congratulations to Zara, Kylie and Cate on yourvision, hard work and entrepreneurial skills. With these businesswomen’songoing determination, and with the assistance of the government grants, theseAustralian-founded businesses will continue to grow and in doing so create jobsand contribute to strengthening the Australian economy.