January 24, 2022

Afghanistan Refugee Intake Increased

The government has announced we will be providing at least 15,000 additional places for Afghan nationals to resettle in Australia under our humanitarian program. This is on top of the more than 4,300 Afghans who have been brought to Australia since evacuations began from Kabul in August. And we stand ready to increase this intake depending on need. I’ve met with many local individuals and community groups in recent months who have raised this issue with me and have wanted to ensure Australia responded generously and effectively to the many Afghan nationals, especially women and children, who face a bleak future under Taliban-rule. I have persistently argued that Australia should increase our intake, and so I am pleased with this announcement, which reflects the compassion felt in Australia towards the Afghan people and our sense of humanitarian responsibility to help people fleeing conflict, persecution and oppression. There will be much work to do in helping resettle these Afghans in Australia and build a new life here, and that is a duty to which all Australians can contribute.

For more information: https://bit.ly/3AlbFQJ‍Media

Contact: Jodie Mathews | jodie.mathews@aph.gov.au