Women’s Safety and Economic Security

The rates of family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia are far too high.

The Government is committing a record $1.3 billion towards ending all forms of violence against women and children, to support implementation of the new National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children.

This will include establishment of a new Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence Commission.

Locally I’ve helped support organisations that are helping women leave situations of domestic abuse and violence, including the Lokahi Foundation, Re-Love/Run for Good, Bondi Cottage, the Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre, Thread Together and Lou’s Place.

I’ve also supported local Chanel Contos and her ’Teach Us Consent’ campaign from its inception, and have helped ensure consent education now features from an earlier age in the national school curriculum, to ensure the next generations of adult Australians are taught about respectful relationships, and to fund a consent education campaign.

I will continue to fight locally and nationally to ensure Australia is made safe for everyone, including women and young children.