Health and Education

I am committed to securing the best local health and education facilities for our community.

I helped secure a significant federal contribution to the construction of a new Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre at Randwick, construction of which is now underway.

As a government we have now made telehealth consultations permanently eligible for Medicare, making it easier to access medical care. There have been more than 675,000 telehealth consultations funded through Medicare in Wentworth since the start of the pandemic.

I have made the case for and helped secure the listing of new medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, including for breast cancer and cystic fibrosis, so they are affordable for everyone. Since our election in 2013, we have made nearly 2,900 new or amended listings on the PBS.

As a government we have made an election commitment to reduce the cost of PBS scripts by $10, or 24%, the largest saving ever for consumers.

And recently I helped advocate for and secure expanded subsidies for Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices (CGMs), which will massively help Type 1 diabetes sufferers.

As the proud graduate of a non-selective public school myself, I am passionate about ensuring our public schools are high-quality and that parents in the east have a genuine choice about where to send their children.

Since my election I have fought for more public high school places in the east.

I helped expand the catchment of the new Inner Sydney High School, so it is open to students in the east.

I helped reduce the out-of-area intake for Rose Bay Secondary School, so more places are available for local children.

And I’m pushing for a comprehensive upgrade of Randwick Boys’ and Randwick Girls’ High Schools so these are attractive options for parents.

I will keep fighting for more choice and more public high school places in the east.