Climate Change

Climate change is a massive risk for Australia and one we must address with seriousness.

At the same time, the global move to reduce emissions is also one of the biggest economic opportunities Australia has seen, as we are well-endowed with the resources necessary to thrive in a new, low-carbon era.

I fought hard for the Coalition Government to adopt a target of net zero emissions by 2050, and I am pleased we have now resolved this issue. In addition to being an environmental imperative, this is also a national security imperative.

I have secured record investment in renewable energy and clean energy technology, including energy storage projects like Snowy 2.0, large-scale battery storage, the roll-out of electric vehicle charging stations, green hydrogen, low-emissions steel and aluminium, and soil carbon.

The energy transition is underway in Australia and around the world, and we must accelerate our investment in new technology to ensure Australia captures the economic opportunities and accelerates our own transition.

Locally I am committed to more than doubling the number of electric vehicle charging stations here in Wentworth, so that the large number of locals who do not have driveways or garages are able to buy and recharge electric vehicles.

Internationally I am committed to ensuring Australia plays an active diplomatic role and ensures other countries, and especially the major emitters, make and meet their own emissions reduction commitments. Autsralia cannot solve this problem alone.

If re-elected, I will continue to push for tangible outcomes, not just slogans.