As a father of three children and a working partner, I understand the struggle of working parents today.

We need a society and an economy that welcomes parents back into the workforce after childbirth.

But the interaction between the progressive tax system and the high cost of childcare means it often makes little financial sense for one partner, usually the mother, to return to work full-time.

During the last term of Parliament I advocated to lift the child care subsidy for the second child and younger children, and to remove the annual child care subsidy cap, which has helped with the affordability of childcare for over 6,100 parents locally.

I’m also pleased we have improved the paid parental leave scheme, allowing both parents to access and share a single, fully-flexible 20-week scheme.

But there is still more to do, and I believe we should be exploring making childcare tax deductible and further improving the child care subsidy model.

I will continue to fight for this in the next Parliament.