A More Secure Nation

The world is becoming a more dangerous place.

The post-Cold War era is over, and great power competition is taking its place.

The rules-based global order, which has underpinned Australia’s security and prosperity in the modern era, is under challenge.

With this level of global instability and uncertainty, Australia needs to invest more in our defence capabilities and in shaping our neighbourhood.

We have increased defence spending to above 2% of GDP, from the low under Labor of 1.58%, and will need to increase this further.

We are undertaking the biggest rebuild of our defence force since World War Two, growing the size of the Australian Defence Force and investing in new capabilities, like nuclear-powered submarines.

We are growing our cyber offensive and defensive capabilities, a critical new domain.

We are forming new alliances, like AUKUS and the Quad.

As someone who has represented Australia as a diplomat for nearly two decades, I know first-hand the challenges we face, and I place a high priority on ensuring our nation has the capability to defend our sovereignty and freedoms.

During my time in Parliament and as Chair of the Treaties Committee, I have been a strong advocate for investing more in Australia’s capabilities to secure and defend ourselves, from our defence and intelligence services, to our diplomatic service, our development assistance, and our soft power assets.

This will remain a high priority for me as Australia faces a more uncertain global outlook.