Meet Dave

I'm committed to being your full-time representative for Wentworth.

I’m passionate about serving our community in Canberra.

I ran for Wentworth because I want to protect our unique environment and quality of life, provide strong economic management, improve local infrastructure, take responsible action on climate change and prepare for the challenges of the future.

I was born in Canada to an Australian mother and an Indian father, who met in London in the 1960s. Our family, including my two twin sisters, moved to Sydney when I was very young. We lived a happy family life until we tragically lost my mum to breast cancer when I was 12. From then on I was raised by my Dad. It wasn’t an easy time, but we got through it together. And the lessons I learnt – about the importance of family, the value of hard work, and self-reliance – I take with me to this day.

After completing my HSC at the local public high school, I was accepted into Cambridge University, graduating with a law degree. I returned to Australia and, after a brief stint studying medicine (and deciding it wasn’t for me), I joined Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, or also known as DFAT.

DFAT sent me all over the world. I served as a peacekeeper in Papua New Guinea, co-ordinated strategic policy in Washington DC, and worked for a Foreign Minister for two years. That was also how I met my beautiful wife, Rachel – at the Annual DFAT Ball.

In 2013 I was appointed Australia’s Ambassador to Israel, and spent four years there, working to advance ties in important areas including innovation, technology, counter-terrorism and peace in the Middle East. I returned to Australia in 2017, and since then have joined the private sector, working with and advising a number of companies and businesses within the technology space.

Rachel and I live in Paddington with our three young daughters. With both of us working, we do our best to juggle family, work and school commitments.

As your Member for Wentworth I’ll always fight for your values and provide the forward-thinking leadership that Wentworth deserves. I’ve spent my whole career advocating for Australia’s interests abroad, but I love nothing more than delivering for our community.

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